Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 3.02 – To Those Who Wait

“Every step of life shows much caution is required.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Arriving at the most convenient place to enter the dungeon had taken Zidaun and the others only a few days. He had expected it to take longer, but the dungeon’s resonance was detectable much farther than he expected. Admittedly, riding on the slogi had helped immensely. He would not want to even try making a journey over this much snow without one. After their arrival the slogi had promptly created their own burrow beneath the snow and began the pseudo hibernation that made them such useful transports in freezing weather. They would be ready whenever the team was ready to leave. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 3.02 – To Those Who Wait”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.3 – A Tale of Two Cities

“The nine seasons are: Thaw, Calm, Rain, Grow, Harvest, Burn, Storm, Recede, and Freeze.”

-Children’s Primer

Zidaun had felt the unmistakable sprouting of a new dungeon just a few hours before. Now he was caught in the rising wind of preparations for the trek out to the location. It was almost straight south and, he was fairly sure, it was planted firmly in the the midst of the southern mountains, the Lances. A little to the north of the mountains would be preferable, of course, as it would be both easier to get to and less likely to be in disputed territory. Not that a war would ever apply to him, it would merely be inconveniently far if it lay too deep in the Lances. Adar were neutral, no matter how many petty wars the various Human powers got involved in. Of course, he thought wryly, no Adar could truly understand Humans anyway, they lacked the instinctive kinship all Adar took for granted. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.3 – A Tale of Two Cities”