Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.5 – Prison Food

“He that is taken and put into prison or chains is not conquered, though overcome; for he is still an enemy.”

-Thomas Hobbes

When Tam appeared again the next morning he gave Caden the usual cursory check. He had expected Tam to notice his increase in skill but there was no reaction. Huh, maybe he only sees the name of the skill but not how advanced it is? Caden used the mana from the spell and moved some earth and stone, but he still did not see how it worked. Tam, meanwhile, had started to draw with more chalk on the walls. He tried not to worry about it too much. The last few times Tam had done something he had gotten too worked up about it. Other than the rune array on the wall he had drawn last time, everything had been a pleasant surprise. Not like he had much choice about doing nothing anyway, so he might as well not stress too much. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.5 – Prison Food”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.4 – School of Hard Rocks

From the lips of Yamash was The Word spoken unto the world. For behold, The Word governs and defines all things. And in balance was it given, for even as The Word grants order and makes manifest the system of the world, so to in chaos shall all things be permitted to grow. For few things are holier than that a man shall progress in the levels of the world, and bring a greater piece of it unto their dominion.”

-From the Holy Text of Higrath

Despite how excited Caden was at the thought of finally making some progress and gaining a level, Tam continued at a slow pace. Admittedly he had no way of showing his excitement, so it’s not like Tam knew. Showing his excitement would actually be a bad idea, because it would show that he understood what Tam was doing. Tam was obviously studying him, and as much as being a research subject sounded like so much fun; he would rather not. Tam cast a couple more of the longer lasting analytical spells that he was fairly certain measured his aura boundaries. It was a good thing he had left gaps in much of the room so Tam thought his aura was limited. For the moment, he was not going to try expanding his aura anywhere he thought Tam might sense it. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.4 – School of Hard Rocks”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.3 – Of Mice-bugs and Men

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”

-George Washington Carver

With most of the night still ahead, Caden focused on controlling his mana. Turning the flow on and off had produced no progress in halting the mana drain, but he thought he might actually get some help from his new and improved Directed Mana Absorption. It appeared he had actually tried to improve his skill backwards. Now he was going to try to hold onto the mana in a small area and stop it from moving while draining actively from everywhere else in his aura. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.3 – Of Mice-bugs and Men”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.2 – Minor Evolutions

“If a man cannot buy his freedom, then all the world’s wealth shall be as a grain of sand by the sea”

-Istan Triant, after the great slave revolt of 1540 AC

Caden assessed his options. He admitted that without any mana to work with they were more limited that he would like, other than spending AP. There were two skills that he had seen after some research that he really did want to buy. The problem was that he was fairly certain that the man had some idea of his skills from analysis spells. That made everything harder and, for now, he decided to hold off on buying anything. However, that did not mean he couldn’t approach the situation as intelligently as possible. The first thing he tried to do was stop everything that he was doing by instinct. He stopped the flow of mana towards him after a few minutes of trying. It felt very strange, almost akin to stopping in the middle of going pee. It felt natural to draw in mana continuously. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.2 – Minor Evolutions”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.1 – An Unexpected Death

Soul Dungeon Core.jpg

I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.”

-Leonardo da Vinci

Death is never the end. Though the Gods are reluctant to provide details, even we mortals can perceive the soul. That uncertainty adds a certain poignancy and joy to the life we do live.”

-Funeral speech attributed to Theins the Cleric Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.1 – An Unexpected Death”

Arc 1 – (Re)born In Captivity

“So many worlds, so much to do, so little done, such things to be.”

-Alfred Lord Tennyson

“As the gods cast us from paradise, more still remain.

And when, with balanced hearts, men come forth again,

Then shall they return, eternity to claim.”

-From The Mourner’s Lament – Anonymous

Arc 1 – (Re)born In Captivity Continue reading “Arc 1 – (Re)born In Captivity”

A brief introduction.


I am A.J. Foxmoor. I have been writing on various projects for some time, but I have decided I finally want to bring some of my craft out into the world. I am a major fan of science fiction, fantasy, and the amazing ways that they can evoke wonder. I hope that anyone who reads my current works of fiction thoroughly enjoys them.

As to the type and variety of work that I do, my tastes and ideas are varied. Currently I have ideas for several novels in a science fiction future earth as we are encountering aliens and dealing with AI. I have 2 litRPG novels partially written. I also have a modern take on superheros in an isolated community, which will eventually look at the whole world, is my next planned project. I have a fantasy series rattling around in my head that deals with magic that is unstable and dangerous by its nature. Another series examines a magical system where symbolism and history matter in spell casting. These are just a few samples of what is rattling around in my head.

Currently I work at the USPS which is simultaneously the best and worst of everything you hear about government jobs. Due to time constraints I am only able to promise a release of a chapter once per week. For the moment I am trying to make that release be for the Saga of the Soul Dungeon and have two months worth of chapters cued up that I just need to edit before each release. Chapters posted will always be a minimum of 2000 words, or I will release more than one.

Hopefully I can transition to being a full time writer.

Thank you for joining me on the ride,

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Saga of the Soul Dungeon 1.1