Thanks for waiting, sorry for the wait, and some content.

So my life has been a bit nuts over the last year.
A brief overview:
  • Left my religion and found new religious beliefs.
  • I stopped working at the post office.
  • Various issues with depression, anxiety, and so on.
  • My wife and I opened our marriage. My wife and I each found relationships outside the marriage. Did I mention I am gay (yes, she knew before we got married, and no the arc introduction was mostly already planned)? My wife and I separated after being married for longer than is average. Now in a new relationship.

So yeah, a lot going on.

I have not wanted to say anything since I did not want to bother people, things were unresolved, and I did not want to get people’s hopes up as I was finally having the time to actually go back and edit my story. All chapters have now been edited and also have titles and quotes.

Surprise! I just finished and am back with intros for Arcs 2 and 3. Not as amazing as a new chapter, I know, but I have already started to work on that too.
I also promised myself that I was going to get something out before the new year come hell, or high water.

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