Whats with the Delay?

No doubt a few of you have wondered where I have been.

Simply put, I had a rather massive panic attack about three weeks ago, I am considering writing a blog about that, because I actually recorded what my thoughts were as it was happening. I mean that in the literal sense, I have a recording of me at work trying to deal with… everything.  I managed to not break apart while I was at work, but finally collapsed after I got home. The intervening time has been dedicated to trying to get better and back to the point where I actually want to and am able to write.

About a week and a half ago I started getting better, but it has been an off and on process. However, I did manage to make myself write a chapter, because it is important to me on many levels, and I do feel some responsibility to my readers.

Love you all,

AJ Foxmoor

5 thoughts on “Whats with the Delay?”

  1. I’ve gone through something similar, and know how awful it feels and is. I’m glad you’re here, happier, okay, and better. Love you too. Your story always lightens up my Saturday. Hope all gets even better.


  2. Make sure you remember why your doing this. It’s for you! You want to know where your story will lead. Something that none of us can answer. So many artists can burn out because they think they are performing for us the fans. Nothing goes sour faster than believing that someone can live with so much praise.

    I look forward to the next chapter, and hope you find the eternal chisel of the soul to craft stories we all can enjoy especially yourself!


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