Saga of the Soul Dungeon – Arc 3 – Gathering Streams

Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

  • Arthur C. Clarke

And if a man should kill an Adar his life will be forfeit, as shall his fortune, and so also shall be one hundredth part of the wealth of the kingdom that had claim upon him.”

  • The Adaran Concord

Various human myths place the Adar as creations of balance or order. Depending upon the myth this can be as a counter to the chaos of humanity or as a point of balance between dungeons and mankind. A few minor myths place the Adar as creature of chaos, or as the spawn of chaos, but these are largely ignored. The Adar’s mindset is often alien, but it is organized.

Among the many pieces of knowledge unknown about the Adar, is if the Adar have a mythology of their own creation. Their beliefs are known to a certain extent by the envoys they send out into the world, but much is gleaned in this way by inference and very little by being told directly.

The Adar are, as a whole, reclusive and secretive. Their lives are hidden from sight in enclaves isolated from humanity and the rest of the world. Even at dungeons that are shared between the Adar and other nations, the Adar keep themselves physically isolated. While a great many things are speculated upon there are a few things known for certain.

The Adaran females never appear to outsiders or leave their enclaves. Exactly what role they serve in Adaran society is unknown. Various theories run rampant, of which a few shall be mentioned here: That their females mate with the males like plants and never need to interact. That their females are rooted to the spot like plants, or simply are massive plants. That their society is run by the females and they would consider it sacrilege to be seen by humans. All of this speculation aside, it is useless to say anything when there is no evidence. And while we may know nothing of the Adaran females, there are certainly enough popular works of romantic literature featuring them to suggest that humankind is happy enough to provide their own answers to the mystery.

The Adar hold dungeons to be sacred ground. Some dungeons appear to be more suited for the Adar than others. What makes a dungeon suitable to the Adar is unknown, though the dungeons are usually more developed than the average new dungeon. However, dungeons with a great many floors have been passed over.

Almost every human nation has an agreement the Adar for their services. The Adar agree to assist in pacifying any dungeons in the human’s territory, help locate new ones, and assist with their exploration. In exchange the Adar may choose to establish an envoy at any dungeon of their choosing at any time. This almost always occurs when a newly found dungeon is being explored.

Those Adar which are sent from their enclaves as envoys are all male, homosexual, and are able to sense when a new dungeon forms. Whether these Adar are outcasts or part of a special class within their society are just as unknown. Needless to say, a lessor, though still vociferous, number of authors have delighted themselves with endless speculation.

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