Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.1 – Up Shit Creek

“Life is like a sewer: what you get out of it depends and what you put into it.

  • Tom Lehrer

“Skills make all the difference. Prospectors will find gold in the stream were all others find only mud.”

  • An Adventurer’s Guide to Prosperity


Quest Complete

Route: Freedom

Method: Deception

Initial Difficulty Assessment: Severe

Deception Bonuses:

+ Quick Completion

+ Initial Escape Unnoticed

Damaged (Deduction Removed: Damage Integral to Escape)

+ Evaded Active Detection

+ Difficulty Level Escalated During Escape

+ No Escape Specific Skills Purchased

+ Low Level

+ Escaped on First Attempt

Rewards: Severe, Upgraded to Titanic with Bonuses

  • Hidden (Reward Deferred)

  • All Skills Start at Level II

  • Current Skills Below II Raised to Level II

  • Skills and Abilities Returned

    • Destructive Assimilation II

    • Matter Fabrication II

    • Found Dungeon

Some formerly disabled abilities are now available for purchase.



Title Gained

Escape Artist IV (Deception)

You are a master of stealth and misdirection. No one notices your escape until you are long gone.

+750 AP (50, 100, 200, 400)

Learn abilities focused on deception much faster, or purchase them much cheaper. (-20% cost)

Your Aura cannot be traced back to your core by anyone without a stronger detection title.



Destructive Assimilation II

Disintegrate an object, plant, creature, etc… to gain knowledge of its component parts. More complicated materials and enchanted items may require analyzing more than one sample.

Matter Fabrication II

Use mana to reconstruct items analyzed with Destructive Assimilation. Creating materials without an associated skill will be far more mana intensive. Some creations will require more than raw mana.

Current Associated Skills: Earth Manipulation

Found Dungeon

Create a dedicated dungeon space to attract adventurers. Subsections may be used to create separate areas with different properties. Dungeon areas are inherently easier for you to control. Only one dungeon may currently exist at a time, your previous one must be removed to found a new one.


Caden’s mind reeled with the amount of information he was suddenly getting. His personal aura immediately expanded outwards, no doubt the result of Aura Mobility II. He was, however, pleased with some his new abilities. There had definitely been things that felt lacking before, and he could do real work on a dungeon now. His thoughts were interrupted by the next popup.


Warning – Core Unstable!

You have received massive damage to your core. You have 2 hours to found a dungeon to heal in or you will receive further damage.


Well shit. There was no way he wanted to build a dungeon right next to Tam. Caden had had a hard enough time escaping once. Thinking about Tam he found his thoughts clearer than usual, he only had the faintest pulse of anger from Exsan. Was that because he was free now, or was that a side effect of the core being damaged? Did it damage their connection? Talk about silver linings…

For the moment Caden considered and looked at what was available for purchase now. His previously available purchases were now cheaper; it looked like each level of learning decreased the cost by 5%. There were, as had been indicated, new abilities available. They were mostly variations of each other, actually. For the first time Caden was seeing one time use purchases in the ability menu. All of them were related to teleportation. He could do random teleportation, a teleport to a generic suitable place for a dungeon, teleport to a known location, or…

Caden stopped and carefully read over the last option available for purchase. It was expensive, hugely so, by his current standards. He could only barely afford it, and only because he had just gained an extra 750 ability points and Learning II. He brought up his condition and could see a little ticking timer counting down. He had a little less than two hours to decide, and he wanted to make the most of his time, so he started moving upwards.

Along the way he decided to test his new abilities. He would check on any skill improvements later, though one thing Caden did notice right away was that his passive mana generation had doubled, presumably from Soul Mana II.

Regardless of his original intent, Caden found his journey halted when he tried using Destructive Assimilation on the stone he was passing through.

Taste. Texture. Joy.

He had consumed nothing other than mana for weeks, but it was clear that he was meant to do so much more. A tiny bit of stone dissolved and he could actually taste it. It… actually tasted how he thought stone would taste. Mineral and metallic, and he could feel the crunching texture of its dissolution, like a piece of candy cracking between his teeth.

If he had still been human, Caden knew the flavor would have disgusted him, but now he found the rich complexity of the stone’s structure delicate and refreshing. And as he consumed other pieces of stone, the faint differences of flavor were also backed by the information seeping into him about how to recreate the stone. So he did.

It was easy. He replaced the small pieces that he had taken, slotting the appropriate patterns into place. He could tell, however, that there was more information buried underneath. For all that his mind had expanded drastically, he could not grasp the actual molecular and atomic nature of his creation, let alone whatever lay beneath that. Perhaps some day…

Eager to try new stone he rose upwards once more. He tried the different strata of stone and savored the different subtle variations, and occasional major differences of the different types of stone. In a gluttonous haze Caden rose upward for a good ten minutes until he encountered something different.

It was flowing water. As he rose up more, Caden could detect that it was more than just that. It was a sewer system, draining away water and waste, and surrounded by faded brick walls marked by the occasional brighter repair. The stone beneath the water was solid and unmarked. Was the floor made by magic, or simply old enough that any tool marks had long since faded away?

He could tell that there was no light, for all that everything in his aura was crystal clear. The water was full of a haze of mana. These resolved into insects of some kind, and tiny fish. Along the bottom of the sewer were small creatures that looked like they belonged in the ocean, Each one was in a small hardened cone stuck to the bottom of the sewer, and from the top they extended slightly fuzzy tentacles into the water. Some kind of filter feeder if he had to guess. And they were not alone, other creatures filtered the water. Everywhere he looked the water became more alive. And getting closer the mana haze resolved further into countless tiny critters that looked like jellyfish, insects, and more.

This was a full ecosystem. A complete balanced biosphere. How long did a city need to exist for evolution to create an ecology like this for the sewer? He could not even imagine. Many creatures had adapted to human cities back home, but nothing this complete. This system reminded him of a cross between ocean and cave life forms. It was beautiful and simultaneously insane. Caden realized that in some part of his brain he had made the mistake of assuming that because this was a game styled world that it was simplified. Nothing could be farther from the truth; this system was as complex as any biosphere on Earth.

Caden looked at the water now with a certain wonder, but also somewhat dubiously. There were valid reasons for consuming some of it, but… it was sewer water. Still, water was essential, and this water had living things in it. Some of those would be useful. Acquiring a complete functioning ecosystem was simply too great a chance to ignore.

With a sigh he began to consume what he could in the water. It didn’t taste bad. It tasted… organic in the same way that decomposing leaves have the sweet scent of cinnamon decay and forming earth. Caden’s mind opened. The water was a simple clear signal, a single pure note, but it contained a symphony. Thousands, millions, more, unimaginably complicated patterns layered over one another growing ever more complex the more that he consumed. Overwhelmed, it took Caden a few moments to come back to himself.

What was that? Bacteria? He could gain a sense of what he had taken in. It was a whole biosphere unto itself. He could only guess what it must all be, he certainly could not separate out the details of the individual organisms. He could sense that some things were less complex, though still sufficient to overwhelm him. Organic molecules maybe? Some of the patterns were simple. Water, he knew he could create that without difficulty now. And there were simple things dissolved in it, bits of stone, and other inorganic matter.

Something was missing though. All the living haze he had detected continued on undisturbed. None of the organisms that he could actually see had been absorbed. Caden focused on a small tentacle cone and tried to absorb it. Nothing, no matter how hard he tried. Were living organisms completely immune? Had he simply absorbed dead bacteria? There would be no shortage of that in the water. Maybe he needed to try with something smaller? He concentrated again, this time focusing on a tiny jellyfish, smaller than a mote of dust.

At first he thought that nothing would happen. However, as he focused intently on it, its mana grew dimmer, brightened, and then dimmed again. The mana throbbed, pulsing faster and faster. Finally the mana winked out and he had consumed the creature. Again, information flooded his mind and he knew the creature. He could create it. Admittedly creating a tiny tiny jellyfish was not exactly going to inspire terror in anyone, but it was a start.

Caden looked at his mana… it had actually taken a couple mana to break through the creature’s defenses. Okay, so not the most efficient way to harvest patterns. Caden considered the problem. Would it work if he just killed everything? He could presumably get their patterns from all the DNA residue left behind. Well… no way to know unless he tried it.

For a moment he considered the best way to kill everything living in a section of the sewer. When he tried to manipulate the stone directly underneath the water he felt resistance. The closer he tried to manipulate, the more mana it cost. The range restriction was not particularly far, but it became prohibitively expensive to manipulate any stone within a couple feet of the water. He could create stone to cut off the water and “drown” them with air, or push stone in from the walls… but there was no telling how long they would survive without water. No, probably best to simply overwhelm with sheer force.

Caden lifted his crystal farther up within the stone until the ceiling and a few feet more were comfortably in his aura range. There was a tiny amount of resistance near the ceiling, no doubt due to the small insects and fungus he could feel on it, but it was not even close to the difficulty near the water. With a quick manipulation of the stone he severed four vertical planes, leaving a stone that was about a dozen feet long, but smaller in width than the sewer by several inches on each side. Finally he cut the stone free from the top, starting from the inside and working out. He left several inches attached on each side, forming a hollow rectangle. Then Caden worked on all the stone remaining simultaneously, hollowing it out to make it porous. The connecting stone became weaker and weaker, until finally with a sharp crack it came loose. A block of stone weighing several tons plummeted towards the water waiting below.

The intricate ecosystem in the slowly moving sewer water below never knew what hit it. The giant block of stone only fell a short distance, but gravity could not be denied and it accelerated into the water below. Upon hitting the water, a shock wave of pressure propagated outward, claiming the first victims as various organisms collapsed partially under the pressure. The stone had lost much of its momentum, but it hit bottom only moments later, grinding shells and living tissue to a thin paste beneath its massive weight.

Caden was simultaneously delighted and sickened. Mana poured into him with the deaths, which he needed desperately, but the loss of life was unfortunate. He absorbed the paste from under and around the stone where it had been extruded by the weight. For a timeless moment Caden was lost to sensation. The flavor of life was inherently intoxicating. It was the closest thing he had experienced to actually eating so far. It was umami, the bold savory flavor of flesh, and the vibrant mineral flavors of salt, marrow, and bone. And amidst this flavor flowed information.

The information was a flood pushing away all other thoughts. Caden tried to comprehend what he was learning, even as it became available for his use, but even with all his new mental powers brought to bear he caught only flashes of the whole. A vast intricate fuzzy assemblage that he vaguely thought was a protein, parts of cells that he thought he could recognize, and dual helical strands of DNA stretching to infinity in both directions or folded and folded again into intricate knots. Gradually as he absorbed all that he could, Caden knew the creatures he could create, but the unimaginable details of the simplest of living things remained just that, unimaginable. For all his clumsy grasping, and the ability to recreate what he absorbed, Caden remained like a man merely drawing a creature. Having gained all the knowledge he could here, Caden moved on.

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – Arc 2 – Parting of the Ways

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37 thoughts on “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.1 – Up Shit Creek”

    1. The thought of TMNT had not entered my mind at all… Though that would make a fascinating tale all in its own right. As for what Caden is doing… well thats what the next chapter is for. 🙂


      1. A dungeon design based on a sewer and have bipedal turtles for boss or something. That just sounds so interesting.

        Either way. Looking forward to the next chapter!

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    1. Me too, and its not like he destroyed the whole ecosystem, he just thoroughly removed a very small patch of it. And, as you will see in the next chapter, this ecosystem actually goes through destruction cycles fairly regularly. There had to be a way for that to happen, otherwise the cone organisms attached to the bottom would end up clogging the system.


      1. “Turtles are cool, anthropomorphic animals not so much.”

        Turtles are cool, anthropomorphic animals are cool.


    1. “‘I’d drop it [the story] like it was a 300 pound incel neckbeard. ”

      Wow. Feeling so entitled aren’t we? “Do this or I’ll drop this story, don’t do this or I’ll drop the story.”



      1. Nah, as an author I always keep in mind that everyone has different tastes. Also if I were to suddenly make this a TMNT parody I would be betraying the tone and story that I have already set up. Readers have some right for their expectations to be met or subverted in a way that is presaged by the story. Jumping the shark and suddenly veering off in a crazy direction can be a betrayal to the audience.

        On the other hand, an author has no requirement to provide what people are expecting and hoping for. Generally as long as there is respect all around, the reasonable authors and audiences can get along just fine.

        If any audience member wants to make a TMNT parody picking up from around this point let me know, I will link to you, just because it would be hilarious.

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      2. As I said, it’s not a parody. It’s a homage or you could just do a simple reference. Parody is not the only way to incorporate them. Is this really a difficult concept to comprehend?

        I mean, look at Mystery Skulls animated music video for Ghost. It’s a homage to Scooby Doo;and, yes, it is a not a parody of Scooby Doo. If you want to see a homage done right and how it is different from parody, watch at it.

        I really don’t see what is wrong with a story making a reference to another story, or even real life. It is part of storytelling culture. And encountering so entitled in their ignorance, just… eww.


      3. It’d be a betrayal of the tone of the story. It’d be like J.K. Rowling suddenly switching The underlying tone of the Harry Potter series to a slice of life comedy romance halfway through the series.

        Also, I’m entitled to read what I want to. You’re entitled to an opinion. Just don’t stick your words in others’ mouths.


      4. @binlocksley

        “It’d be a betrayal of the tone of the story. It’d be like J.K. Rowling suddenly switching The underlying tone of the Harry Potter series to a slice of life comedy romance halfway through the series.”

        Clearly you don’t know what a reference or homage is. There is google you know.

        As for Harry Potter, it referenced a lot of things. It is one of the fun thing about Harry Potter, finding the references and homages. For example, Quirinus Quirrell is a reference Janus Quirinus, a god with two faces. Hedwig is a homage to St Hedwig of Silesia who protects the abandoned and the orphans. That is just two of hundreds of reference and homages.

        Did these references and homages ruined the story? Shift the tone? Clearly, you just don’t know what you are talking about. Using a fiction that is loaded with references as an example… your ignorance is just astounding.

        “Also, I’m entitled to read what I want to. You’re entitled to an opinion. Just don’t stick your words in others’ mouths.”

        I’m sure you wrote this:

        “‘I’d drop it [the story] like it was a 300 pound incel neckbeard. ”

        And I just generalize it to: “(don’t) do this or I’ll drop this story.”

        And while your are entitled to read what you want to. If you don’t like it, stop reading. But that doesn’t extend to actually intimidating the author to do what you want. Who do you think you are as to be entitled to decide what the author should do?


      5. You are right that an homage would be okay, but his original comment was in reference to the story suddenly becoming a TMNT parody, that was the exact wording. However, if I added turtles Caden would kill/eat them, and that would entirely disrupt my dungeon plans, since I have no doubt he would recreate them, and then my whole ecosystem would be shot.


      6. “You are right that an homage would be okay, but his original comment was in reference to the story suddenly becoming a TMNT parody, that was the exact wording.”

        Me: Is Caden going to make a dungeon in the sewers? Inspired by TMNT?
        binloksley: Pls no TMNT parodies

        Clearly, he is referring to my comment.

        Me: It isn’t exactly a parody; Its a homage.
        ↳binloksley: I’d drop it [the story] like it was a 300 pound incel neckbeard.

        Either he thinks homage and parody are the same or he don’t know what a homage is.

        “However, if I added turtles Caden would kill/eat them, and that would entirely disrupt my dungeon plans, since I have no doubt he would recreate them, and then my whole ecosystem would be shot.”

        While I don’t know why turtles (slow moving, slow eating, slow everything) would destroy your whole ecosystem, there one thing to do: don’t do it. It’s that simple.


      7. “Turtles are actually quite fast underwater, and with robust shells they can be a top predator in certain environments.”

        No, they are slow swimmers, well, compared to fishes and other swimmers. But they can swim relatively fast for a short burst… equivalent to a human sprint.

        And what does being a top predator had to do with your whole ecosystem being shot? I mean, lions (a top predator) existing in the Savannah doesn’t mean that the ecosystem is out of wack. I don’t really get it. How is one or two or even half a dozen small turtles an ecological disaster?

        But, really, if you don’t want to, just don’t.

        I guess, I shouldn’t have commented in the first place. It just brought me headaches.


      8. Nah, I love all the interactions. As for the turtles, it is only for the specific environment I am thinking of. You won’t see it for a couple chapters.


  1. Just a heads-up. Two paragraphs after your “Warning – Core Unstable!” message thing, you have a duplicated sentence, namely “His previously available purchases were all cheaper now, it looked like each level of learning decreased the cost by 5%.”

    Hope this helps 😀

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  2. The Stealth title seems useful – he could branch off and have a side-dungeon to hide in, or hide in the ceiling of the second-last Boss room, putting a dummy core in the last room.
    …a *highly volatile* dummy core, for anyone who tries to break it.

    My first thought for the most expensive teleportation option is [teleport back to Earth].
    Which would be fun, but considering the meta-plot, it seems unlikely, unless he ends up making a two-way portal so the two worlds can interact and affect each-other.

    Thanks for the chapter!


    1. Oh going back to Earth is a fun thought! Its not what is going to happen, but it is a fun thought.
      As for hiding his core and creating a fake, well yeah, of course, its the smart thing to do.


  3. I feel like a floating island is likely, the mana tendrils remind me of a cells cilia. (if you dont know those are tiny hairs that a simple cell can use to swim) using that and figuring out how to affect the air with mana better and boom, his own mobile dungeon.


    1. My education was in Genetics with an emphasis on biotechnology and business. So yep, completely understand what you are thinking. Actually used quite a bit of my biological and ecologic knowledge in planning things out.


  4. That, or under the library where he could leach off of visitors while eating/ re-constituting books? Knowledge is power after all.


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