A brief introduction.


I am A.J. Foxmoor. I have been writing on various projects for some time, but I have decided I finally want to bring some of my craft out into the world. I am a major fan of science fiction, fantasy, and the amazing ways that they can evoke wonder. I hope that anyone who reads my current works of fiction thoroughly enjoys them.

As to the type and variety of work that I do, my tastes and ideas are varied. Currently I have ideas for several novels in a science fiction future earth as we are encountering aliens and dealing with AI. I have 2 litRPG novels partially written. I also have a modern take on superheros in an isolated community, which will eventually look at the whole world, is my next planned project. I have a fantasy series rattling around in my head that deals with magic that is unstable and dangerous by its nature. Another series examines a magical system where symbolism and history matter in spell casting. These are just a few samples of what is rattling around in my head.

Currently I work at the USPS which is simultaneously the best and worst of everything you hear about government jobs. Due to time constraints I am only able to promise a release of a chapter once per week. For the moment I am trying to make that release be for the Saga of the Soul Dungeon and have two months worth of chapters cued up that I just need to edit before each release. Chapters posted will always be a minimum of 2000 words, or I will release more than one.

Hopefully I can transition to being a full time writer.

Thank you for joining me on the ride,

A.J. Foxmoor

Saga of the Soul Dungeon 1.1

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