Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.13 – Interlude – Dungeon Thoughts

“‘Rule #37 – Every dungeon is unique. They may even be beautiful. This does not make them any less dangerous. See Rule #1’

-50 Rules for Dungeon Divers”

It had been little more than a week since Sevso found his life irretrievably altered. His new titles, along with the accompanying AP, would have been more than enough. The fifteen pieces of dungeon gold meant that he could get everything he had ever wanted. And the life debt turned everything he had gained to ashes. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.13 – Interlude – Dungeon Thoughts”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.12

It took Exsan a few long moments, as Caden waited impatiently, to reply.

What talk?

Having people die in the dungeon is not the only way to get survival points right?


Right. Not much of a talker.

How else do we get survival points?

Prey come, they leave. Get points. Survive other dungeons, get points. Quests give points. Special things. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.12”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.11

Caden had felt something inside him gradually shift over the last hour. Apparently touching someone else’s soul had consequences. He looked at the various traps he had created with a mixture of pride and horror. He would hate to deploy some of these against anyone, but he honestly did not know what kind of power to expect from the people who came to the dungeon. Touching Exsan’s soul had apparently given him a portion of his ruthlessness temporarily. That was not entirely a bad thing; the traps he had created were effective looking. However, now he could see that his focus had been stolen away towards the lethal end of the spectrum. There were an entire slew of traps that were non-lethal and could be very effective. Water, mud, wind, nets, he had so many ways to delay and trip up an opponent. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.11”

Short Story – The Leaky Roof

The tin roofs clattered and reflected the rain as though to throw the clouds own thunder back up into the sky. The endless staccato beat pressed down as rain poured out of the endless grey ewer of the heavens.

What god up there looked down and cried? Jack couldn’t say.

He could, however, pinpoint exactly who was responsible for the leak in his roof that mimicked the rain in a small steady beat, like a lone drummer. The endless drip echoed gently into the silver bowl he was using to catch it. Continue reading “Short Story – The Leaky Roof”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.10

Caden had been forced to be patient by circumstances and the sudden acquisition of the tools needed to make a functional dungeon was more than welcome. Up to this point, everything he had done had been made from scratch or from putting pieces of patterns together. Part of the reason he had delayed creating the dungeon proper was the knowledge that he would need to come up with everything from scratch. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.10”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.9

Caden had been working on the entry cave for longer than he thought. Between his own mana and Exsan’s, they were close to being able to level again. He decided now would be a good time to meditate again. The impact of his soul was not so fresh and he was ready to see it again. Hopefully he would learn more about his own soul. He was not sure what it meant that he could examine it now, but he knew he had a strong affinity for soul skills and he would be a fool not to use it. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.9”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.8

Caden hated waiting. He was good at it when it was necessary, but he still hated it. He had managed to reach the surface with his aura, but his dungeon was expanding slowly. He had tried to speed it up, but nothing had happened. So, since it seemed waiting was inevitable, he had continued on with other projects.

The most important was simply continuing to spread his aura in every direction so that the dungeon could expand without any delays. He had no idea whether there was a maximum size for the dungeon, but the more area covered by aura and dungeon, the more mana he would draw in. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.8”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.6

Wow. Of all the things that had happened to Caden recently this might be the most important. He had died and moved to a new world. And now… he could see what had actually been moved. He knew he had a soul, simply because his status page said so, but it was not the same as seeing it. It had been the most beautiful, intricate thing he had ever seen, and he had only scratched the surface. For this alone he wished he could go back home. How would the world change if he could show everyone that they had a soul. That there was more out there. That they were a beautiful intricate creation. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.6”