Next Chapter and Edits

I am publishing the next chapter of Saga of the Soul Dungeon tomorrow after I do some editing due to some comment feedback that I have received.

Some of the edits I am planning are pronoun and name usage in the first eight chapters. These were originally written in first person and fixed with liberal usage of find and replace. So I need to smooth that out.

Also some of the reasons for how and why Caden behaves at certain points will be made more clear. At times in writing as an author I make the mistake of assuming the reader will follow certain implications and need to be more clear.

So, that’s what I am going to do tomorrow. After that I will post the next chapter.

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.3

Zidaun had felt the unmistakable sprouting of a new dungeon just a few hours before. Now he was caught in the rising wind of preparations for the trek out to the location. It was almost straight south and, he was fairly sure, it was planted firmly in the the midst of the southern mountains, the Lances. A little to the north of the mountains would be preferable, of course, as it would be both easier to get to and less likely to be in disputed territory. Not that a war would ever apply to him, it would merely be inconveniently far if it lay too deep in the Lances. Adar were neutral, no matter how many petty wars the various Human powers got involved in. Of course, he thought wryly, no Adar could truly understand Humans anyway, they lacked the instinctive kinship all Adar took for granted. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.3”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.2

Caden looked at the countdown. Less than an hour and a half left. He looked at the flowing sewer water, hesitating. He had two potentially very good options. If he followed the water to where it drained away he might find an entirely new ecosystem, plus who knew what might have floated away to be trapped there. However, going upstream was an equally good choice. Heavier objects and obstructions could yield materials he would not find below. Also, upstream would be both richer in nutrients, as well as remnants of creatures or plants from the surface. However, the closer he came to the sewer entrance the more danger of having to deal with people in some fashion. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.2”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.1

Arc 2 – The Parting of the Ways


Quest Complete

Route: Freedom

Method: Deception

Initial Difficulty Assessment: Severe

Deception Bonuses:

+ Quick Completion

+ Initial Escape Unnoticed

Damaged (Deduction Removed: Damage Integral to Escape)

+ Evaded Active Detection

+ Difficulty Level Escalated During Escape

+ No Escape Specific Skills Purchased

+ Low Level

+ Escaped on First Attempt

Rewards: Severe, Upgraded to Titanic with Bonuses

  • Hidden (Reward Deferred)

  • All Skills Start at Level II

  • Current Skills Below II Raised to Level II

  • Skills and Abilities Returned

    • Destructive Assimilation II

    • Matter Fabrication II

    • Found Dungeon

Some formerly disabled abilities are now available for purchase.

| Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 2.1”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.9 – Interlude

Gnaeus’s allowed his spell to dissipate with a sigh. Otga’s devouring maw, now what should he do? The core was gone. The room looked barren now, sections of the wall stripped away to remove the statues, chair, and spell emblems. He looked at the only object that the core had left behind. It was the statue of himself examining a smaller Gnaeus even as that smaller self examined the core. It contained a new addition, a large copy of the core behind and above the larger statue of himself. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.9 – Interlude”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.8

Tam came back without his staff or rings, though the spells swirling about him remained. Caden tried to memorize the various spells, but they were intricate and he doubted he would remember them from this limited exposure. Tam entered Caden’s aura and he could sense the familiar chalk and metal. Tam turned to the beam array and twisted with his magic somehow. The threads lifted so they did not cover the floor anymore. Caden really wished he understood how that had worked. Tam knelt on the floor and started drawing on the ground with the chalk. He first created a circle that encompassed most of the room. Within he created a second circle around Caden. On the outside edge of this inner circle he drew runes, and then a second layer of runes farther out. The runes were still nonsense as far as Caden could tell, though he did notice a few of them were the same as in Tam’s other arrays. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.8”

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.7

Of course, nothing was ever that simple. Caden soon learned he did have a limit to how much he could split his attention. He could only focus on a few things simultaneously. Only. Caden laughed to himself, if he could do that as a human he would be beyond a genius. However, Caden assumed that at some point this ability would improve drastically. He was only level two, was it related to that? Or would he be able to do more later with some skill at a level up? For now, he had no idea; he was just going to keep trying to add an extra perspective every now and then and see if he could make progress. Caden focused on what he could do for now. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.7”

I’m back

Wow! I am so sorry for the delay. Between work and mental health issues there was no way I was up to anything. However, don’t fret, I have no intention of abandoning this fic. We finally got some more help at work. Just to put it in perspective they hired three people that we were short. There were three of us doing the work of six. Of course we promptly had one of the new people quit when they realized the job entailed actual work. However, it is still a major improvement because now I get two days off most weeks instead of having only one day off a week since March.

Anyhow, none of you came for my rant/excuses/work madness, so without further ado I am posting the next chapter.

Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.6

The diagnostic spell attached to Caden must have told Tam about the acquisition of a new skill, as he did his usual song and dance. However, Caden was paying Tam only the slightest attention. Caden was focused on how much more he could suddenly see.

For the first time Caden could actually perceive parts of his aura clearly. It was a spider’s wet-dream. A vast intricate web that became ever finer. The thickest strands were, however, far finer than spider silk, and each of these was directly connected to Caden; thousands of them. Hooks, slightly thinner, branched tree-like from these main strands. Countless thinner strands were also attached to each strand, and each had their own hooks. And each strand had more strands, with more strands, until they went well past his ability to see them in an endless fractal pattern. Past a certain point all Caden could see was the faint glittering fog of their presence. Continue reading “Saga of the Soul Dungeon – 1.6”